About Kôz

Kôz is a philosophy, a brand based on " art " of ready to wear. Simplicity, comfort and unisex are the watchwords.

We do not simply sell clothes, we seek to educate our consumers on “Kôz” which require our common and immediate involvement. Whether for international "Kôz", such as countries in famine, at war or simply "Kôz" such as the breakfast club, research for cancer, Kôz will answer the call and this, for the good "Kôz".

Any “Kôz” deserves attention and that is our mission. 25% of the profits will go in turn for the “Kôz” of the moment.

We would like to come back to a word we used above: “art”.

Our designs are based on photographic portraits of people around us. We are looking to promote local talent. Each photograph will be printed in the center of our clothing and will be a source of inspiration for the colors chosen, which creates mini collections for each of them. Finally, we also offer the choice of purchasing the photographs in poster form or framed.